Friday, July 1, 2011

GNO- LRC style

Last night, was our second GNO (girls night out) with a new addition to the group. You've seen her on my blog before and will see her more often since we have decided to make GNO a bigger priority. We played LRC- Left Right Center and ate supper together. LRC, for all of those who have not played, is a dice game that is sort of mindless but fun at the same time. And the best part was that we played for money to make the night more interesting.
After playing a few games we walked across the street to visit some guys who were ironically have a BNO (boys night out). After we crashed their party, we went to one of the guy's house where his dog just gave birth to 11 puppies. I died when I saw them, I really wanted to take one home but I'm afraid quincy would not be happy with that decision, nether would my bank account.
 LRC dice!
 A in action!
 N's ferret decided to join in on the fun!
 GNO girls- A, me, C, and N
 heaven. in. a. kiddie. pool.
 don't let quincy see this picture!
 That's CK, they are his dog's puppies.
C holding a puppy while N bottle feeds it.
I got to bottle feed one, too. i. die.

oh, and for those of you that are curious, i broke even, not a penny earned or lost- but still a fun night!