Monday, May 30, 2011

weekend at a glance

warning: this post contains A LOT of pictures! (i had a busy, but fun, weekend!)
the bride
the bride and me
the bride and A
the bride's bouquet- so pretty!
one of the flower girls- holding my flowers
my flowers
me and A
CC and me
cake in the face!
CC, baby M, and N- (baby M's first wedding)
the napkins
A and baby M (baby M was pretty popular at the wedding!)
A and R getting baby fever with baby M
the groom and bride leaving through a sea of bubbles
i caught the bouquet (more like had it handed to me) 
did i mention i was the only unmarried bridesmaid? eh hem
after the wedding it was time to go home and play with the puppies. this is Maddux
baxter, roo, and maddux
roo and maddux

waiting for the ball to be thrown
roo is too slow for maddux
i just like this one because of maddux's legs :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


on our GNO (girls night out)  we went to a local restaurant called bonnie blue house. we had a really good time catching up, gossiping, and talking about the soon to be wedding (this saturday). we decided we definitely need to do it more often.
 A and me
N, A, and me

i totally forgot to get a picture of me and N but hopefully she'll forgive me... i'm sure she will.

stay tuned for a weekend at a glance post seeing that i have a jam-packed weekend of excitement!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

peacock feather headband

i looked on the internet for weeks for the perfect peacock feather headband after seeing one at target and regretfully not buying it. i found mine on etsy. she even custom made it for me (since i didn't want the cream ribbon with pearls). i knew it was a perfect match because of the elastic headband (the metal bands give me a headache).
my newest accessory- i heart it!
 and not to mention that i think it looks totally fabulous on me :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend at a glance

my little sister was in town this weekend  so i spent to whole weekend with her. we ran errands, did a little shopping and finally i took some pictures of her. i need to say that she is absolutely beautiful and doesn't take a bad picture!
my weekend to do list
i did not get all of them done BTW. ha!
 i've known her since she was three
 she's the sweetest 13 year old i know
 and i won't find a sweeter little sister
 has THE prettiest eyes
 she's sweet and kind
 class of 2016!
she's totally gorgeous inside and out!
so glad she's my sister! 
here's the picture she took of me. i heart it! 
she'll be taking my over my photog skills pretty soon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

where we've been pt. 2

do you find yourself sitting at work and all of the sudden have an empty feeling inside of you? only come to realize that the empty feeling is not knowing what my new (renovated) apartment looks like? finally, you can stop biting your nails and all anxiety can be relieved, and that empty feeling- can be filled. here, are pictures of my new apartment. 
note: the apartment is not completely finished being decorated.
if it bothers you that i might not have a few lamp shades or my mattelasse on my bed or decorative pillows, you can stop looking at the pictures, it won't hurt my feelings. you can have that empty feeling filled with booze or any other recreational drug of your choice.
eh hem.
a general overview of my apartment as a whole.
i'm standing in the kitchen (on the counter) which is pictured here:
(that pretty girl on the couch... we'll get to her in my weekend at a glance post... )
and don't you love that grouping of pictures on the wall? here's a closer look:
and the next few pictures are just some other areas in the apartment.
 my desk area
 one of my most prized possessions. 
my step mom's niece painted a portrait of a dog for someone else and it looked so much like my baby dog, my step mom got a copy of it for me...
 right by the front door
 my chest of drawers
 a closer look of the chest of drawers area
 my bedside table
my other bedside table
 the bathroom- i made my own shower curtain
it took me about twenty minutes to make it. the fabric is called "vauxhall" it's by 5th avenue designs for covington.

oh and here's a pic of quincy, he asked me why he hasn't been on my blog lately (yea, i know, i didn't know he checked my blog either)