Friday, July 1, 2011

GNO- LRC style

Last night, was our second GNO (girls night out) with a new addition to the group. You've seen her on my blog before and will see her more often since we have decided to make GNO a bigger priority. We played LRC- Left Right Center and ate supper together. LRC, for all of those who have not played, is a dice game that is sort of mindless but fun at the same time. And the best part was that we played for money to make the night more interesting.
After playing a few games we walked across the street to visit some guys who were ironically have a BNO (boys night out). After we crashed their party, we went to one of the guy's house where his dog just gave birth to 11 puppies. I died when I saw them, I really wanted to take one home but I'm afraid quincy would not be happy with that decision, nether would my bank account.
 LRC dice!
 A in action!
 N's ferret decided to join in on the fun!
 GNO girls- A, me, C, and N
 heaven. in. a. kiddie. pool.
 don't let quincy see this picture!
 That's CK, they are his dog's puppies.
C holding a puppy while N bottle feeds it.
I got to bottle feed one, too. i. die.

oh, and for those of you that are curious, i broke even, not a penny earned or lost- but still a fun night!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weekend at a glance

or i guess a more appropriate title would be better late than never. i've been studying all week for my COMPS exam, which -by the way- is this saturday. for those of you that don't know what COMPS is- it's basically a really evil way of making sure you know your info in graduate school... aka a comprehensive essay exam. its not enough for you to pass your classes... they want you to come back after you've been in your externship for 6 weeks and really show'em what you got. eh hem. i'll step off my soap box to tell you about my weekend now.
i spent the weekend at Mexico Beach, Fl visiting my dad and step mom for Father's Day. the weather was really nice. i really only went on the beach once and it was around sunset to take pictures of my friend and her family.
roo did not get to tag-along on this trip so there are no pictures of him in this post.
 oh, I forgot to tell you, i transported my bff's oldest daughter down to the beach to let her spend 11 days with one of her friends. we are holding funyuns in front of our eyes. yes, i took her to a convenience store and let her pick out whatever she wanted to eat (mountain dew white and funyuns)

 this was a fun store we went to on saturday. it's called persnickety and it's located in port st. joe, fl. i recommend it to anyone who is down there. lots of stuff to look at and very cute!
 actually, you DO look like i need a drink. 
man, i should of gotten those.
 some bangles that i liked.
 did someone tell them i was coming? because this bag was right in front of the door when i walked inside. someone must of called and let them know i was making an appearance.
me in persnickety.
look at the big ol' honker of a tooth sticking out in the picture. too bad my family didn't love me enough to get me braces. eh hem.
 we ate lunch at peppers, even though we wanted to eat lunch at joe mama's. they were closed at lunch. this place was pretty good, though.
my daddy. 
typical behavior.
 daddy looking a fishing stuff in blue riggers outdoors or some name like that.
 the beach sign at the beach house.
 wreath just above the beach sign.
 daddy outside cooking hamburgers on father's day
mmm hamburgers.
me and daddy right before i left.
shirt from jcrew and borrowed from my sister. eh hem.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

lost phone

don't let it confuse you, the title of this post is simply a substitute for the biggest thing that happened to me this weekend. next week (i promise) i will have a new installment of weekend at a glance. these past two weeks have been BU-SY! i tell ya, between my externship and other obligations, i've been going to bed as soon as i walk into my apartment door! but i digress, back to the lost phone issue, this past weekend i worked at my local country club (which coincidentally is where my stepdad is the golf pro, eh hem) sitting at hole 13 collecting money for shots. at one point i went to the club house to use the bathroom and on my way back i realized i lost my phone. i searched and searched and searched for it and did not find it on saturday. the feeling was bittersweet, i've been without my phone for a week and a half when i was in Europe and loved it! (yes, i loved being in europe and without my cell phone). i immediately went home and started searching for a new phone (eh hem, an iphone to be exact)- not that my phone isn't cool, being a droid and all, but c'mon who doesn't want an iphone. so when i found my phone on sunday i was super pumped but then again i knew my dreams of an iphone would have to wait. sigh.
so here is the only picture i have worth sharing from the last weekend-
it was after the Calcutta at the country club last friday night. I was sitting in my friend C's car (she wasn't in the car- nor did she know i was taking pictures, otherwise she would have been in the picture with me) and it's pretty typical of me to look like or have my eyes closed in a picture. duh, winnning.

Monday, May 30, 2011

weekend at a glance

warning: this post contains A LOT of pictures! (i had a busy, but fun, weekend!)
the bride
the bride and me
the bride and A
the bride's bouquet- so pretty!
one of the flower girls- holding my flowers
my flowers
me and A
CC and me
cake in the face!
CC, baby M, and N- (baby M's first wedding)
the napkins
A and baby M (baby M was pretty popular at the wedding!)
A and R getting baby fever with baby M
the groom and bride leaving through a sea of bubbles
i caught the bouquet (more like had it handed to me) 
did i mention i was the only unmarried bridesmaid? eh hem
after the wedding it was time to go home and play with the puppies. this is Maddux
baxter, roo, and maddux
roo and maddux

waiting for the ball to be thrown
roo is too slow for maddux
i just like this one because of maddux's legs :)