Monday, June 13, 2011

lost phone

don't let it confuse you, the title of this post is simply a substitute for the biggest thing that happened to me this weekend. next week (i promise) i will have a new installment of weekend at a glance. these past two weeks have been BU-SY! i tell ya, between my externship and other obligations, i've been going to bed as soon as i walk into my apartment door! but i digress, back to the lost phone issue, this past weekend i worked at my local country club (which coincidentally is where my stepdad is the golf pro, eh hem) sitting at hole 13 collecting money for shots. at one point i went to the club house to use the bathroom and on my way back i realized i lost my phone. i searched and searched and searched for it and did not find it on saturday. the feeling was bittersweet, i've been without my phone for a week and a half when i was in Europe and loved it! (yes, i loved being in europe and without my cell phone). i immediately went home and started searching for a new phone (eh hem, an iphone to be exact)- not that my phone isn't cool, being a droid and all, but c'mon who doesn't want an iphone. so when i found my phone on sunday i was super pumped but then again i knew my dreams of an iphone would have to wait. sigh.
so here is the only picture i have worth sharing from the last weekend-
it was after the Calcutta at the country club last friday night. I was sitting in my friend C's car (she wasn't in the car- nor did she know i was taking pictures, otherwise she would have been in the picture with me) and it's pretty typical of me to look like or have my eyes closed in a picture. duh, winnning.


  1. I'm so glad you found your phone dear. I think you need to do a post with pics from our morning torture sessions! Haha!


  2. egyptian eyes for sure! it was torture when you didn't have your phone....pure torture!