Wednesday, April 27, 2011

who woulda thunk, that such a small spot, would cause such a funk?

catchy title, aye?
let me give you a little background information... i'm going to start my externship in May at a nursing home. I had to get a tuberculosis (TB) skin test to be able to work to make money for free there. Monday, I went into the university's health center to have a small injection to see if I have TB. I had the same test done about a year ago to do volunteer work in another nursing home. That nurse barely turned on the light in my room before she said I was fine. With all that being said written, avert your attention back to the title and imagine me sitting in a waiting room full of windows. (the windows really have nothing to do with the story, it just gives you something to think about)
me: (texting) I'm getting my TB test checked on... I don't have it by the way.
nurse: "Laura Nicholson?"
I stand up to go see her
me (to the nurse): I'm back!
nurse: how is your arm?
I hold my arm out to let her see.
she doesn't give me the same lack of attention as my nurse the year prior.
I sit down in a room... just like any other hospital or health center waiting room. you know, white and sterile.
She carefully rubs my arm where she had injected me and has a worried look on her face.
she pulls out one of these (or it at least sort of looked like this) and measured my spot:

I comment on how she is giving me so much more attention than the last time I had this done.
nurse: well, you've had a small reaction...
me: I'm sorry, come again?

She spends about 15 to 20 minutes researching a positive TB result and what the measurements should look like if you have a reaction.
She looked up metric conversion charts, several things on until she went to go ask another nurse about conversions. That nurse wasn't there.

nurse: I'm not so sure about the spot on your arm, we might have to give you a chest x-ray.
me: I bed your pardon?
me: (thinking) this can't be good... and i just jinxed myself by saying i didn't have it... what an idiot.

She quickly grabs another nurse to come look at my arm as if it would fall off at any moment. Not even hesitating she looks at it and says its fine... so, no TB for me thanks.

so this is the little spot, that caused such a funk! you can barely see it, right?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

easter egg

today I colored Easter eggs with my client (age 52).
he was so excited to be coloring the eggs.
  he drew on this one after he colored it. 
i loved the drawing so much i asked if i could take it home.
can you guess what he drew?
It's probably not your first guess.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weekend at a glance

so now that I got caught up on posting pictures, I can finally post pictures from this past weekend. 
I spent the weekend with my sister and ...
 I found out that I'm going to have a nephew!
here was their fabo announcement :)
 then my sister and I went to visit a friend who just had a baby... 
we celebrated with champagne :)
here is the reason for celebration (and I think a good one) the newest, prettiest baby I know...sweet, baby M

Monday, April 18, 2011

life's just a beach

and we're just playin' in the sand, man.
some more than others.

St. George Island/Appalachicola, FL.

Friday, April 15, 2011

roo's obsessions

I've never been able to claim that my dog wasn't spoiled in the toy department.  He has -theonlydog- syndrome. He has tons of toys and when other dogs are around he. does. not. share. It doesn't matter if he has not played with a toy in a year, if another dog wants it, it automatically becomes Roo's favorite toy.
He doesn't like raw hides, pig ears, or anything hard to chew on. Roo wants soft toys so he can 'kill' them by taking out the polyester filling. He has a couple of toys that he especially likes. And when he finds something that he likes, I normally stock pile them so he can have many to choose from. Fuel to the fire? I think not, I just want him to be happy and can have many toys to share play with when his cousins (or any other doggy friends) come around.

Here are some pics of roo and his stash.

His toys of the flying nature. He definitely has an obsession with these.

His toys of the bouncing nature. He LOVES tennis balls. 
See how he eats the fuzzy stuff on the ball?

And this, my friends, is his ALL TIME favorite toy. The dogtronic Rooster. Seeing that it's very appropriate for my (roo)ster, he has two of them. They are motion activated and he can't get enough of it. When you throw it, it crows like a rooster. Every night, when I turn off the TV, he grabs the rooster and jumps in my bed. every. night.
 He is such a sweet boy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


so, my readers, have you missed us? or did you miss seeing pictures of us? well, we have been very busy in school (okay, maybe just me), getting ready to move, beachin' it, and just life in general. I will have you know that i did take pictures this past weekend at the beach but- they are on my sister's camera, so you can expect to see those pics next week. I'm on beach time a small delay. actually, you see, the pictures i'm going to share with you today are from two weekends ago. roo and i had a special, short visit, from two friends and their pup who has been mentioned in a previous blog. 
I won't mention the small altercation that roo had with the pup.  
No hard feelings, okay murphy?
the pups together 
(after the altercation)
Murphy and his prize
He looks like he's sending roo a message in this one, I'll interpret, in my best dog voice, eh hem...
"look what I got, you big, mean brown dog. that'll teach you for trying to beat me up"
I love this one of murphy... justa cheesin' 

Beach pictures will come next week. i promise.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

off to da beach

Roo and I are spending the weekend at the beach. see ya on da flipside!

Will take pics!