Wednesday, April 13, 2011


so, my readers, have you missed us? or did you miss seeing pictures of us? well, we have been very busy in school (okay, maybe just me), getting ready to move, beachin' it, and just life in general. I will have you know that i did take pictures this past weekend at the beach but- they are on my sister's camera, so you can expect to see those pics next week. I'm on beach time a small delay. actually, you see, the pictures i'm going to share with you today are from two weekends ago. roo and i had a special, short visit, from two friends and their pup who has been mentioned in a previous blog. 
I won't mention the small altercation that roo had with the pup.  
No hard feelings, okay murphy?
the pups together 
(after the altercation)
Murphy and his prize
He looks like he's sending roo a message in this one, I'll interpret, in my best dog voice, eh hem...
"look what I got, you big, mean brown dog. that'll teach you for trying to beat me up"
I love this one of murphy... justa cheesin' 

Beach pictures will come next week. i promise.



  1. Poor little Murph Murph. Who would have ever known that Quincy Roo had it in him to be a butt hole. I guess all dogs can't be as awesome as Heidi. :)

  2. Well, it's nice to know that Roo dog has visitors, but what about those beach pictures??????

  3. Murphy is so cute! This post made me laugh!