Friday, April 15, 2011

roo's obsessions

I've never been able to claim that my dog wasn't spoiled in the toy department.  He has -theonlydog- syndrome. He has tons of toys and when other dogs are around he. does. not. share. It doesn't matter if he has not played with a toy in a year, if another dog wants it, it automatically becomes Roo's favorite toy.
He doesn't like raw hides, pig ears, or anything hard to chew on. Roo wants soft toys so he can 'kill' them by taking out the polyester filling. He has a couple of toys that he especially likes. And when he finds something that he likes, I normally stock pile them so he can have many to choose from. Fuel to the fire? I think not, I just want him to be happy and can have many toys to share play with when his cousins (or any other doggy friends) come around.

Here are some pics of roo and his stash.

His toys of the flying nature. He definitely has an obsession with these.

His toys of the bouncing nature. He LOVES tennis balls. 
See how he eats the fuzzy stuff on the ball?

And this, my friends, is his ALL TIME favorite toy. The dogtronic Rooster. Seeing that it's very appropriate for my (roo)ster, he has two of them. They are motion activated and he can't get enough of it. When you throw it, it crows like a rooster. Every night, when I turn off the TV, he grabs the rooster and jumps in my bed. every. night.
 He is such a sweet boy.

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