Wednesday, May 4, 2011

egyptian eyes

on my last day of therapy, in my fourth semester of grad school, my last client, A, came through the door. she ran towards me and handed me this card.
 A- ms laura, i made you this card
me- oh thank you, i love it!
A- I drew us on the front, see? you are this one (the one of the left)
I guess that's how my hair looks when I'm doing therapy but i'll never know.
A- see how I drew Egyptian eyes?
me- yes, i do see how you drew Egyptian eyes, you did a really good job drawing us.
A- I drew Egyptian eyes because you have Egyptian eyes
me- ..... (eh hem)
 Egyptian eyes is definitely a first for me.

here's the inside
it reads:
dear laura, I'll miss  you lots! I love playing games and working with you! Love, A

A, I'll miss you, too!


  1. Egyptian eyes, ehe? ;-) we both have them and we must refer to them that way from now on. This post made me laugh so hard.

  2. This is a darling post. So precious.