Sunday, May 1, 2011

weekend at a glance

whew! have i had a busy weekend! 
Friday started off by moving all of my "big" furniture to my new home. I had a very special helper helping me move (on his 31st birthday no less!) The weather was nice- making the move tolerable. 
Saturday I had a wedding shower for my good friend, N. The food at the shower was the best 'shower food' i had ever had. Kudos to those chefs. I continued to unpack on Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I went to my good friend A's house to have her version of sloppy joes (picture will follow). Since I don't have any pictures from moving furniture, we'll start with pictures from saturday and work our way up to Sunday and the sloppy joe incident ;)
Pear punch at the shower- delish!
the dessert table- to die for!
the bride-to-be and me at the shower
 a really neat gift N got at the shower (something blue)
had one of these at A's house tonight, our favorite beer :D
we continued planning the bride-to-be's bachelorette party (it's this coming weekend and it's gonna be a blast!)
oh and if you thought i forgot about posting the "sloppy joes" that A made, I didn't.
the dialogue went a little like this...
A- (after draining the meat, goes to the pantry and pulls out the Ragu)
me- (thinking- A must have a different way of making sloppy joes- I keep my mouth shut)
after pouring in the Ragu
me- "so how do you make sloppy joes?"
A- (stops- realizing that she just made spaghetti instead of sloppy joes)
I laughed... and told her how I don't eat spaghetti
her sweet husband went and bought more hamburger meat and A started cooking supper over again.
so maybe that story was a little anti-climatic but it was pretty funny 
and last but certainly not least, the Manwich sloppy joes made my special way on a toasted bun, with mayo and pickles served open faced... thanks for supper, A!

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  1. Darn I missed seeing N and the shower food! I can't help but laugh at the sloppy joe incident and that was so sweet of A's husband to go to the store!!!!