Monday, May 2, 2011

who? my BFF

besides having a straping young man helping me move home from my home of 6 years, Valdosta, ga, I had more help from my BFF. I have talked about her here and here. I would probably still be working on cleaning my apartment. I don't think I can ever thank her enough. Oh, I know, how about I thank her with her very own blog post, completely dedicated to her.

things I love about my BFF (in no particular order):
 She's a mother (of five doodlebugs)
her five doodlebugs
her poppyseed chicken
her family (my second parents)
her cool new ride, the minivan
her prayers
her honesty
her opinion 
how we look like sisters
our chats on the phone
our text conversations
the fact that i am one of four people her oldest doodlebug can text 
her work ethic
I could probably go on for days, so are you ready to see a picture of us?
Here's we are- around Christmas time....that's the only picture i have to share since that's the last picture we've taken.... isn't that pathetic? we should really get more pictures of us together.

the question is- who do you have to clean out old stuff, scrub your shower and toilet better than their own bathroom? 
who do i have? my BFF :) 
Love you, Aimee and your doodlebugs :)

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