Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend at a glance

my little sister was in town this weekend  so i spent to whole weekend with her. we ran errands, did a little shopping and finally i took some pictures of her. i need to say that she is absolutely beautiful and doesn't take a bad picture!
my weekend to do list
i did not get all of them done BTW. ha!
 i've known her since she was three
 she's the sweetest 13 year old i know
 and i won't find a sweeter little sister
 has THE prettiest eyes
 she's sweet and kind
 class of 2016!
she's totally gorgeous inside and out!
so glad she's my sister! 
here's the picture she took of me. i heart it! 
she'll be taking my over my photog skills pretty soon!


  1. my word verification for the comment above was "pooted"
    Just had to share that.