Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Roo La La

So, this is us, roo and la la. Well, at least just Roo. I'm behind the camera, which is where I am most of the time. Taking pictures, especially of Quincy, is one of my favorite things.

Let me introduce Roo for starters.

His name is Quincy but he has acquired several nicknames over his 4 years of being with me. Roo being one of them. Some things about Roo:
Cocker Spaniel
4 years old
Nicknames: Quincy Roo, Rooster, Roo Dog, Brown Dog, and Baby Dog
A granddog to MamaCat and JimDaddy
Cousin to two sweet puppies; Goose and Maddux
Keeper of his mama's heart 

And then there's me, la. Some things about me:
26 years old
the baby of two older siblings
Grad student at Valdosta State University
Future Speech Therapist
new to the blogging world
completely in love with my quincy roo

So, that's roo la la in a nut shell. Quincy and I go on many adventures and we hope you will read all about them!


  1. First Comment!!!! Great start and humorous. You and Allison make great bloggers! Even Maddux approves.

  2. MamaCat approves too!!! Yeehaw - welcome to the blogging world! Love it!

  3. awwww! I love it ;-) Tell Roo he's gonna be famous!

  4. I love it Laura! Although I do think you might want to tell the story of this awesome roommate that convinced you to get Quincy Roo in the first place! :)