Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekend and new frames

although I had a jam-packed full of fun weekend, I regret to say that I did not take a picture of one thing. Don't hate me, but sometimes I do find it uncomfortable being the paparazzi at gatherings.I spent the weekend at home. On Friday I went to visit my good friend, N, who had surgery last week so of course I was there to nurse her back to health with some good laughs and quality time. On Saturday, I went with my sister, to a friend's house, to help set up her nursery (she's due any day now!) I also went to a couple's shower to honor the soon-to-be mommy! The weather was so perfect and the food was delicious. Wish there were pictures to share but, a las, there are none.

On a different (non weekend) note, I got new frames to put in my new apartment. I love them. I will say that they look better IRL* They all of them came from TJ Maxx and all three together were less than $25. You can't really get a better deal than that.
* In Real Life
And check out that sweet baby boy on the couch. He got a haircut yesterday (from me).
And this sweet picture, I had to share, he just looks so sweet and tiny. Reminds me of when he was a puppy.


  1. I LOVE the frames. They're for me, right ;-)

  2. You did a wonderful job nursing me back to health. Get ready to do it all over again this summer. :) I like the frames too-very classy!