Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend at a glance

well, have you missed me & roo? we took a short, unplanned sabbatical from blogging. Okay, okay, we've only missed one week of blogs and I guess that doesn't really count as a sabatical but I know some of you missed us!
This weekend, after going to my Saturday class, I met my sister down in Tallahassee and we ate at Ted Montana's Grill. 
That can easily be one of my favorite places to eat.
Red Rock hamburger, yes, please!
(I regret that I don't have a picture of my hamburger to share with you)

Here are some pics from the weekend 
After eating we went to Tallahassee Nursery. 
Here are some of their orchids. Pretty!
Some ferns. 
I love ferns.
I have 3, eh hem, 2. 
poor Henry, my bird's nest fern (which are the ferns on the bottom, center of the picture),
died a few months back.
He probably never stood a chance on my coffee table.
RIP Henry.
A fountain in a shaded area. I thought it was pretty.
Then we went to Fresh Market. 
I saw this piggy and thought it was a riot! 
I don't eat a lot of pork or sausage, but this was pretty clever.
And I know some of you have been missing this sweet face. I feel like I haven't included him in many of my posts and since, eh hem, he is the reason I really started this blog, I should include him more.

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