Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rainy Saturday

I was sitting in my Saturday class this morning- Wait, did I just say Saturday class? Yes, I have a Saturday class, I don't know who thought that was a good idea but it wasn't. But I digress. - So, I was in class and thought how great of an idea would it be for me to cut roo's hair. Now, before you scroll down to see the final haircut, let's get something straight. I'm one of those people who sees something and can do it. Well, I can't do a cartwheel- but I can watch someone else do one. ha! What I mean is, I can look at clothes or a photograph or even a dog haircut and think I can replicate it. And so with Roo as a guinea pig, I did. 

Here it is, Quincy Roo's transformation!
here's his start, on the dining room table.
please notice the mutt'n'chops and his furry, silky, luxurious  legs.
About half way through
notice his left leg hair is a little longer than his right, his back is shaved, and his mutt'n'chops are gone.
after his bath, man, was he rambunctious! 
Another after bath shot, I had to get his tennis ball for him to pay attention to me.
Final product! 
It's definitely not perfect, but I didn't expect it to be. I think roo is happy with it, I'm quite satisfied,too. Another plus is that I'll be able to cut his hair from now on for about the same price as one hair cut would have cost!

We hope you're having a great Saturday!


  1. I like it Laura -- he looks just fine! And yes you are saving money!

  2. Roo looks gorgeous! His mommy is so talented!

  3. Laura you did a great job. If Roo is happy with the cut, so should you.