Wednesday, February 16, 2011

spend the night company

I had a friend, K, come spend the night with me! 
She needed to be in Valdosta for the day,
so she traveled from North Georgia to stay the night!
I served a fantastic breakfast to her this morning-
sweet potato and zucchini frittata, deer sausage (which she had never had) and my fruit salad I made on Valentine's Day.

And look what she left for me! Sweet (literally)!
Okay, Okay- there were two cupcakes but I ate one before I took the picture! 
And I must say, it was as good as it looks! 
(strawberry cupcake with strawberry icing!) 
With treats like this, I wouldn't mind having her around more often!

I know Roo will be sad to know that he missed seeing K, he loves her!
I hope you enjoy your Roo La La debut, K, I enjoyed having you!


  1. I want you to make me a sweet potato and zucchini fritaata --- ok??

  2. Me too, chef La. Glad you had such a sweet guest.

  3. I love my Roo La La debut! Thanks for having me and being so hospitable! With a breakfast like that you better believe I'll be coming back!